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Why Would My Username & Password Be Blocked If I Didn't Share My Membership Information???

Solution A reason why you may have been blocked is that sometimes hackers use various programs to try and find active username & passwords to membership sites in order to both use that information for a free look thru of the site and many hackers will actually post active membership usernames & passwords for anyone to use. Sometimes its an easy thing for hackers to find, if the username & password are a simple word. Other times the program just goes thru random combinations and finds one. Either way they chose, its a chance we all take.<br><br>

We will gladly reset your membeship information and give you a new password. All is needed is the following information:<br><br>

Full Name<br>
Subscription Number<br>
Email Used To Sign Up (NOT just a contact email)<br>
Website You Are Having Issues With<br>
A Brief Summary Of Your Issue<br><br>

<a href="">Click here</a> to submit a support ticket.
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